Edit New Photos & Restore the Old Ones

We can't do miracles, but it will look like it!

DRS photos is able to digitally clean up old photos, with the use of Photo Shop,

to give you a lasting copy of a treasured heirloom.

If you have a photo of someone or something that you want to look different from the original, this may be what you need! 

We can take almost any digital image and change backgrounds or add other subjects.

Before                     After

 Photo by Larry Kinderman & edited by DRS Photos


Photo by DRS Photos


Photo by DRS Photos

Photo by Larry Kinderman & edited by DRS Photos


More samples here

Restoration Services available:

1.  Lighten or darken, to bring a photo back to as close as its original color as possible.

2.  Edit out imperfections for a crisper, cleaner photo.

3.  Edit out writing from the surface of a photo.

4.  Enlarge or shrink photo to fit special frames or lockets.

5.  2 or more photos can be morphed together to create one photo (see above for example).

** All digitally edited photos will be saved onto a CD in multiple formats for future use.  As an added bonus, you keep the CD! 


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